GOT REST?  OCT 22, 23, 24

Our ACT (UT / BG) Fall Retreat will be held at Delta Church of Christ in Delta, Ohio on October 22-24. We begin Friday at 6:30 pm through Sunday morning.



On our RE:TREAT, we will focus on what it means to RE:ST. RE:ST restores and balances us.  It brings us back to the center and helps us RE:SET our lives on what’s most important – our faith in God, caring for each other, and fostering relationships with those God has entrusted to us. Once we are able to do that, we are able to RE:NEW our lives with a new focus!

We will discover (hopefully) in God’s Word how we can discover His call to rest in Him. We will pray, play, worship and seek God’s guidance and discernment – and have a lot of fun in the process!

There is NO cost for our retreat. Come for everything or just come for a part of the weekend… we would love to have you join us!

WHAT TO BRING? (read carefully – someone always forgets something important and we have to send them out into the woods to make their own items!). PACK LIGHTLY – there isn’t a lot of storage for stuff. We may ask you to leave things behind if they don’t fit.

  • $0 Retreat Fee (covers all meals, unlimited coffee, unlimited praise)
  • A positive attitude
  • A heart that wants to meet with Jesus
  • Bible
  • Writing Utensil (pen, pencil, feather pen)
  • Writing Paper, Notebook or Journal
  • Pillow or Two
  • Favorite Coffee Mug (or other beverage container to your liking!)
  • Appropriate clothes (weather might be very variable!)
  • Sleeping Bag or Bedroll
  • Appropriate sleep wear
  • Blanket
  • Air Mattress
  • Personal articles (toiletries bag, mirror, shampoo, soap, etc)
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Bath Towel
  • Prescription Medications
  • Cell Phone and Charger
  • YouVersion App for Study Notes 
  • Hiking or walking shoes appropriate for a short hike at Oak Openings


Don will be driving the White Whale (act van). We will meet at the BGSU campus house FRIDAY 5:30pm to load up and leave. Do not be late or the Whale will leave you in the dust.


I’m driving separatly OR coming at a different time for retreat…

The directions to the church that is letting us host our retreat at are below:

Delta Church of Christ – 500 Providence St, Delta, OH 43515

DIRECTIONS FROM BG (link you can share)

SIGNUP IS MANDATORY – We need to know if you are coming!

Please fill out the form below – MAKE SURE YOU CLICK SUBMIT AT THE BOTTOM OF FORM!

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  1. Alex Earl says:

    I will be there Saturday through Sunday.

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